Altilly hack recovery update for Beyondcoin #2

We have gained control of the funds from Altilly!

Beyondcoin’s Altilly recovery process, 2nd update

Not only that, but we are pleased to inform the members of the Beyondcoin community that the majority of claims have been reviewed, approved, and processed!

There are still coins that have yet to be accounted for, so if you lost some BYND in the Altilly exchange hack and forgot to file a claim, you still have until the end of the month to do so, you may submit your claim, here:

— Please be advised that it is critical that you submit your claim sooner rather than later.

Note: funds that aren’t claimed will be split 50/50 where 50% will be burned and the other 50% will go to the Beyondcoin Reserve Fund.

Go beyond the impossible!
— The Beyondcoin Team

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